Valuing Relationships.

In Chapters 6,7,8 we see Gods response to mans sin.He destroyed all mankind except Noah, his family and some animals. They survived His anger
What a privilege! What a MARK of History !a MARK of GRACE of being CHOSEN & SET APART!

SADLY in chapter 9 we see Noah being so hurt as to curse his son.

For me, this story made me think of a friend I had, we were close and saw each other through a lot,sadly our story is a little bit like chapter 9, in the sense that in the end we disconnect.

The perfect example of how to deal with relationships is Christ .We sinned but he left his throne to reconcile us.Even when we didn’t receive Him,He still went on the cross.Why ? Because He understood the consequences of our disconnect more than we did.

What do you think ? Is there a relationship that needs your attention, your consideration, your effort and perseverance? If there is, would you say you were a Noah or a Ham in the relationship.

Dear Ham as your grow up in your salvation, may you mature in all your relationships.May cover and protect those around you. In Jesus Name

Dear Noah May you learn from Christ today or the father of the prodigal son. To love, to forgive and to restore In Jesus Name.

Even if you never had any disconnect in any of your relationships.May you be inspired to value all your relationships.When it’s necessary may you remember this word.
In Jesus Name.

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