Your circumstance is not your LIMIT

My 2 year old son can’t talk yet but that doesn’t stop him.He finds a way to communicate. 

Just the other day he  was ready  for his breakfast. He reached for a cereal box and dragged it up the stairs handed it to me.That was him saying, Mom I am hungry!

At first,I laughed because it was funny but I have learned this.

My circumstance is not my limit, I am the very limit that holds me back. 

Be encouraged.

Don’t sit on the side lines watching people live the life of your dreams .You deserve the life of your dreams and you deserve to be the person you dream of becoming.

Don’t let anything stop you.Drag a bag of cereal up the stairs if you can’t talk , Climb up a sycamore tree like Zacchaeus if you too short , Stand and shout Jesus son of David have mercy on me and he heard.Yes, people will try to shut your down but I dare you to refuse to settle , keep shouting and keep unlocking levels of who you really are.YES YOU CAN !!!


Is there an area of my life that needs awakening. Should I be dragging,climbing or shouting ? 


Let us pray for the wisdom and grace to see when to wait for God and to see When God is waiting for us.

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