Blessed By God 2

Two of the many lessons we can take from Exodus 1

Lesson 1:When you are blessed by God, You will stand.Threatened by the children of Israel, The Egyptians made their lives difficult but even in the worst circumstances in Verse 12 we see the children of Israel remained strong and continued to grow.
Many are the plans of man but only the will of the lord will prevail. Proverbs 21:19
In whatever situation you are in let me encourage you today. You are more than a conqueror. God is on your side and no matter what happened yesterday and today it is settled, in the end you win.

Lesson 2 : There is a reward for walking in God’s will.
They could have been killed for choosing not to kill every born boy child.But they refused to conform and to settle with what was not God’s will and the bible in Verse 21 says God Provided households for them.
There is a great reward for every risk or sacrifice for the Kingdom Of God.As a Daughter of Christ may I encourage you today to put aside what society and friends tell you but to focus on a higher purpose set for us all. There is an inner greatness in you that you can only tap into when you set your mind and your heart on the higher calling.Do not be afraid greater is He that is in you than the one in this world.
Let’s pray for grace to stand in times of uncertainty and trials.
May the Joy of the Lord be your strength.May you be strong and joyful through it in Jesus Name.

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